Storage fees

We give our customers 30 or 90 days free storage per month depending on the plan. Once this time is consumed, we will charge you 1€ per parcel per day.

Consolidation fees – 3€ per package

If you receive more than 1 parcel and your account allows to group your parcels into one, we will open all parcels, remove content and place it all into another box. This will help minimize shipping cost saving upto 80%.

Shipping cost

We will offer you the most competitive shipping costs in the market! We can send your parcel via express service or via affordable standard service, depending on your needs, you choose!

Inspection fees

We will open your parcel and inspect the status of the content (for example, we will check if your products are damaged).

Photo / Scan fees

We will take a photo of the parcel (outside or inside) without manipulating it.

Destroy fee

We will destroy the content of your parcel.

Returns Management

You will receive a Spanish address to provide your customers a return address. Once we receive the returns, you can easily manage it via our Forwarding system on the cloud, you can use our online application Spainbox forwarding to manage your shipments for free.


Express Processing fees

We have a lot of customers and we attend them in strict arrival order. But if you can’t wait and need your parcel as fast as possible, we have available a special service called ‘’Express Processing’’. The cost for express processing is 10 € which means that we will prioritize your parcel before the others.

Inventory fees

We can open your parcel and count items inside. We only count the items, for example, three red shirts and two blue skirts or 25 pairs of shoes,we will not check status of the products.

Remove Labels fees

We will remove clothes/shoes tags.

Remove Invoice

We will remove the invoice of your parcel.

Receiving Letters fees

We will charge you 3€ per letter received.

Write PROFORMA Invoice fees

If you aren’t a European citizen, Customs will require you to fill up a proforma invoice. You can write it yourself by asking for a template or we can do it for you. In the last case, we will need to know the content and value of the items.

Labelling Products fees

If you are an Amazon seller and you want to send your stock to the FBA, we can label your products for you. The format of labels that we use is ”40 up-labels 52.5 mm x 29.7 mm on A4”.

Labelling Boxes fees

If you are an Amazon seller and you have applied for a ”Your courier” account, you can send us your own courier labels.

Packaging Supplies: Box 60 x 40 x 40cm

We offer you our high-quality boxes (double wave). If you want to consolidate your parcels or your original box is damaged in the delivery, it is a good choice for you to avoid damages during the transit to your address.

Pallet Unmount fees

If we receive your parcels on a pallet and we need to unmount it to be able to work with your parcels and/or products, we will charge you this fee.

Spainbox forwarding app available on the